Campbeltown Commemorative Miniatures

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It is thought that whisky and the art of making it was brought to the Campbeltown area of Kintyre by the Celts from Antrim  before the end of the sixth century and that it was later spread to other areas of Scotland.

There has been as many as 32 distilleries in Campbeltown Area when these Malts were in great demand for Blending.

Economic depression and a failer to maintain standards led to mass closures in the late 1920s.

In the heyday of Campleltown Distilling it was said that a skipper could find his way into harbour in a thick fog by the bouquet of the stills.

As a tribute to the distilleries of Campbeltown, In 1985 Eaglesome Ltd. of Campbeltown bottled 24 miniatures in memory of those days gone by.  All bottles are tall round 40%vol with a 12 year old Vatted Malt Whisky, and were priced at £2.75p.