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Fake Miniature Bottles

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During the 1980’s, many fake labels began to emerge. This unfortunately affected the miniature market as well as full size bottles.

Since then, fake labelling has become a trade for many unscrupulous dealers who use the internet.

The Ladyburn pictured here was one I was taken in by. The seller described it as a ‘little gem’ and I even reported its finding in the UK Mini Bottle Club newsletter. Sadly within a month, I was advised that this bottle was clearly a fake.

If you look closely at the cl you can see it has been altered, the label has been allegedly copied from a 75cl label and the 7 taken off and the 5 remains. The 75cl was a coloured label whereas the one shown here is a dull black & white copy. I was advised that no such bottling was ever made in miniature form of Ladyburn, but again since then I have been advised of a number of legitimate Ladyburn bottlings.
          One was bottled by a London dealer and the other jointly bottled by Alex Barclay and Mike Barbakoff. Unfortunately it is not easy to spot these fakes, it is generally word of mouth that proves its authenticity. The more you show your collection to fellow collectors the more you will learn.
          If you have any bottles that you know have fake labels, please send a photograph to me to include on this page